Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th

That's it.
All done.
30 days of challenges.
Some hard.
Some easy
Some definitely challenging !
I had the pleasure of giving the last challenge which I thought I should making fitting,so it was:

"The End/Final"

Open to any interpretation and surprise surprise I went into the garden.I took two that I really liked but went with this one in the end..........

My columbines ready to start seeding themselves merrily about the garden!

I would say on the whole I've enjoyed the month,I got to try a few different things which I'll play about with some more.Anyway no more photo a days for a month or so but with summer here(well sort of,if you can call it that)there will certainly be lots and lots and lots of photo opportunities ahead.


rocklady said...

aha you went the way of the dead flower, but yours is nice since it has gone to seed, mind would've been a dead brown soggy peony, and it wasn't pretty ;)!

JulieS said...

my shot is similar but yours is much nicer! Amazing that you could make something dead look beautiful!

famille1999 said...

Great final shot Ruth! Congrats on making it through the month! I really loved these challenges the three of you had this time. Enjoy your summer! :)