Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 31

Last day of 2009.
I didn't take many photo's at all.
I liked this one of my lights with the Tree reflected in the mirror...

I'm posting this one too because I didn't have many of Ad all month ...

That's it all done :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 30

One day left !!
I quickly went outside to see if there was anything worth taking out there.
There was some cool looking ice,mixed with snow on my fence but I couldn't get it to look right !
I settled for this instead,since I was determined to have an outdoor shot today,since it's been a while...

My battery life was flashing at me so I had to hope 1 of the 3 shots was any good.
Not sure it shows up so well here though.

With this months pictures it may seem as if I only have one son !
The eldest just doesn't seem as willing to participate !
Oliver has been saving for an iPod.
He's normally my spender,so this was hard for him.
Tempted as he was along the way to buy other stuff he hung in there.
With the money he got for Christmas he finally had enough.
So today we went and bought it...

He selected 121 songs from my library and is one very happy little boy.
He loves music.
I like his new iPod.
There's a cool little pedometer thing on there I may well have to try out come the spring ;)

That makes me up to date :)

Day 29

4th post of the day...

So nearly up to date !
Yesterday we had a good old tidy up.
I made the boys do their rooms and help in the living room.
Ad went off to a friends for the afternoon.
I dragged Ol with me to Hawkesbury.
I had thought of taking the camera....I wish I had.
They had more ice on the trees than we did and it looked so pretty with the sun.
By the time we got back it was getting dark,so not much choice for photo's.
It was also incredibly cold,so no way I was going outside for a shot...

Since he'd been really good about being dragged wine and grocery shopping I let him have his DS time
He's been playing the same Pokemon game for ages.

Day 28

Catching up slowly !!
Most of Monday was spent in the car coming home.
Then we unpacked and I cooked dinner and then the boys were dying to set up the Wii,they'd got for Christmas.
So even though it was dark I got this one...

Stuart trying to beat Ad at baseball.

Days 26 & 27

The weekend and 2 challenges.
Saturday was Nathalie's challenge of 'aftermath'
It wasn't until Nic and I had finished washing up all the stuff from the little party we had that I remembered the challenge.
Luckily these were on the side...

A collection of wine and beer bottles from the evening :)

Sunday was my challenge of 'Silver'
I had plans to take my Pandora bracelet but that didn't work out and then I couldn't find anywhere to lay out my new bracelet.
It wasn't until later when in desperation I took this one...

Not what I wanted but hey ho :)

Day 25

Christmas day.
With knowing we we leaving after opening presents and breakfast as much as we didn't rush ....we did because I never took a picture of the boys together.
Once we got to Craig and Nic's I didn't take anymore pictures so this one from the morning will have to do...

Ol giving Ad a hug after getting his transformer from him.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24

Christmas Eve.
I didn't think I would get around to posting today but the boys are reading and Stuart is dozing so here I am !
Back to 2 for today.
Today I had lots to choose from.
We had 5 cardinals flitting around the garden this morning.
I managed this one...

Normally they land on the platform feeder,so I was surprised to see her on this.

The boys went outside to play,since it was quite warm out there.
They built a snowman.
Then Oliver got bored and started to throw snow...

I did get a couple of nice shots of the boys but I went with this one.
Those twiggy balls in the background look much nicer at night when they are lit up !!!