Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10th

OK,so for today Julie's challenge was:


Mmmmmmmmm,I don't live in a girlie house and I don't consider myself particularly girlie either except when it comes to throwing or spiders !
I don't know any little girls I could go visit so I decided my best bet was to head out into the garden.I was going to take a shot of my pink columbines but sadly the rain has put an end to those so no frilly pink flowers there.
So I ended up with this......

What could be more girlie than a pink heart :)

Lots of things but that's all I've got.


rocklady said...

oh man, this is too funny, i took some shots this morning of my bleeding hearts, but not even thinking for this challenge, what a great mind you have! and of course, they are very girly. ;) i went more literal and i must go and upload now to see what i got.

JulieS said...

I almost went with a flower too but as usual yours is much nicer. It is indeed the perfect heart and fits the bill for this challenge perfectly. Imagine a whole room full of such girly beauty! :)