Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17th

Back for a second time today !

So Patti challenged us today to photograph:

"A row of similar colourful things"

I was stumped for a while,as I've had so much to do today and not a lot of thinking time.I tried books on the bookshelf,Oliver's toys on his shelf but nothing excited me.
Then I was tiding up my scrap space and it hit me......

My boxes of buttons,more than one row I'm afraid Patti but they are just so pretty looking all those rows of buttons!!
Can't wait to see what Julie had in mind,if she can remember where she saw it !


rocklady said...

no ruth, i won't disqualify you! ;) brilliant idea and they do look so pretty! the more, the merrier!

Jessica said...

HI Ruth, nice to hear from you!

Those bright colors look so nice!

JulieS said...

So beautiful, it's like candy!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Love it! Great idea and they look so yummy! =)