Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21st

Playing catch up from the weekend,just loaded Saturdays and now to Sundays !

My turn again and in honour of father's day I gave the subject:


Straight forward or outside the box,didn't matter !
I had semi willing volunteers......although finding one shot where they all look OK seemed to be my main problem.Ad has the problem of always having his eyes shut,when it's one on one I have a solution but it's not so great in a group shot.

Anyway this one was my favourite and I'm glad they were some what co-ordinated because I don't think I could have pushed it to make them change !!


Nathalie said...

Cool shot! I love how you made them line up like that. =) I was dealing with semi-willing participant too this weekend unfortunately. And for me, this is a change. I'm not used to that. Hopefully it will be short lived. Have a great week Ruth! =)

rocklady said...

glad you got your 3 guys to co-operate ruth, like their stances!

JulieS said...

Wonderful composition, they look great and I love how Stuart's out of focus. Are you sure you didn't pick their outfits for them?!! ;)

Ash said...

Cute!! Your littlest man is too adorable here. They really do look like they were dressed to coordinate :)