Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12th

It was back to me for the challenge today and it was:


Open to any interpretation :)
My boys have been interested in this project and have often given me suggestions,none of which I've taken up........until today.
Adam came in saying look what Oliver's doing on the front,it sort of fits small.......

Watch out Mr Lego guy,there's a giant rock monster behind you !!
The Lego dude is my 'small' for today.
I love Patti's comparisons and wondering what Julie will do ?


JulieS said...

Excellent! Your lucky to have such helpful assistants! I love this, love that the big scary guy is blurry.

rocklady said...

oh, too funny and small, glad the boys are getting involved, they are just so helpful aren't they! :)
ok, i need them to come and help me today with julie's challenge! ;)