Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 3rd

My turn for a challenge yesterday and it was:


I took a picture of my house number that I was happy with but then when Ol was getting ready for soccer and I saw the number on his back,I thought I'd see if I could snap something else I liked better.

I did.......last time I did this challenge,in April,it was all about my garden,this month I want to try (challenges permitting) to include some pictures of us as well.


I had a few I like but went with the one with a little movement in it.

You can see Patti's here and Julie's here.


rocklady said...

cool shot ruth, love the movement and that you did a person shot for a number! :)

JulieS said...

A great subject! Love that he's running into the frame, even though it's from behind.

famille1999 said...

Great picture! I love it! :)