Saturday, October 31, 2009

31st October

The last day of the challenge.
Another orange one for me.
Taken earlier today,whilst carving pumpkins...


OK,well that's that 31 for 31.
I'll come back later and post all of them together.

Friday, October 30, 2009

30th October

Penultimate day :)
Since it's my wedding anniversary today I wanted to have something relevant.
Last year I took this one.Glad the weather is better this year !!
Today I took this......


My engagement ring is off being valued so I could only use my wedding band.
Plus,that's our homegrown pumpkin.....the only one we got off a triffid of a plant.

I sense tomorrow's will be Halloween related !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

29th October

I really need to make an effort to go further than my garden :)

Here's today......


I see this from my kitchen window and I'm wondering Patti,is this what you took yesterday because the other side of it looked like this ......

It's dark green in the summer.
I don't ever remember it being this vibrant a red though,which is why I didn't catch on with your picture yesterday.
If so,at last I know it's name :)

28th October

I walked to get the mail yesterday and took my camera because there are a few trees that have the most gorgeous coloured leaves on them.........they don't look so great when it's raining though !

I took 5 photo's on my way back and most surprisingly I liked 3 of them and had to choose one.
This one.....

I just liked the colour of the green against all the stones.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27th October

I haven't felt very inspired over the past couple of days probably because I haven't been making much effort to venture outside !!
I did go and get the mail :) Without my camera.
I wandered around the house and saw these.......


Seems Patti and I were on the same wavelength today :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

26th October

I was lazy today,I had no intention of leaving the house......I did though.
Although only a few paces out of my backdoor to get this......


No,he's not brown,he's definitely orange !!!
I can't not have a chippie shot for my photo a day challenge.
I can get quite close if I move slowly.
His sightings are getting few and far between.I hadn't seen him for a few days but today he was out stuffing leaves into his cheeks.
5 days left !

The Weekend

I was a way for some of the weekend.
I came home yesterday morning and had a bit of a lazy day.I thought about my photo and then forgot so sorry.......


It's yet another garden leaf photo !
I like all the colours in the background.

Saturday was dark and rainy and not the sort of day to pop out for a walk so since Patti and I were together we both stepped just outside Julie's front door and snapped away.I actually liked a shot of some yellow 'mum's in a pot I took but that would have made 3 yellow pictures in row ! So........


I went with the red maple since it took me forever to get the camera to focus on that one tiny raindrop (as usual it doesn't look as good shrunk down on blogger).It was Patti's choice too, I love hers she captured more drops.For mine I was going for colour.

23rd October

Catching up !!
I didn't have time to post Friday so this one is from then......


I really like all the yellow here,the leaves still on the tree and all those on the ground.........where they are still sitting :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

22nd October

What a miserable cold,wet,dark day!

Today's photo is again something from my kitchen.
I was beginning to wonder what an earth I was going to take when I looked at these on the kitchen side......


My yellow peppers waiting to be roasted for tonight's dinner,roasted pepper and butternut squash soup...yummy !!

21st October

I didn't have time to post yesterday but this was yesterday's rather boring shot !!


I don't have many orange,red or yellow objects in my home.
I've photographed the dish washing liquid and candle before for a different photo a day challenge,this has the addition of my Halloween tea light holder.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20th October

How many ways I can photograph my pumpkins !!


I stood on a tree stump to get a different view of my mini pumpkins.
All that blurry background is my leaf covered grass.

Monday, October 19, 2009

19th October

Sometimes it doesn't pay to take and post them early.
Last Friday,I knew I'd be in the car around sunset and thought I might get a decent picture and nearly held off posting my pumpkins....but I didn't and I wished I had as I got a nice one that would have been fitting for orange......Oh well :)

Anyway,I'm sure I won't get anything else today as I have no plans on going outside.......


I can't decide if this is yellow or green,green I think.
My Spirea again,only this time covered with frost.

The weekend

We were away this weekend at Stuarts brothers new house they have just bought in Ontario.
I took many,many photo's on Saturday and had trouble picking just one but barely anything Sunday.
Mainly because we were busy helping and then I did run to get my camera as the kids were all playing in the leaves but by the time I came out they'd headed into the woods,typical !!
Then we spent the rest of the day in the car and by the time I had unpacked and started dinner it was too dark to take anything else so this is Sundays shot,one of 7 I took and the only one that fitted the colour challenge......


Most of the trees there were yellow and with the sun and blue sky,it looked amazing.This isn't as nice as the one I took Saturday of another tree,on the other side of the property but,hey !!

Here's Saturday's.....


It was cold Saturday morning but Stuart and I went on a little walk while everyone else was still sleeping !!
Then I went back and grabbed my camera and headed back out to catch a few pictures with the early morning light.
Lots of moss covered rocks and trees,that I could have spent hours looking at but my hands were freezing so I headed back for coffee !!

Friday, October 16, 2009

16th October

Another pumpkin shot and another horizontal one....


I pulled out my Busy Lizzie's since they were almost dead and filled my planters with these little beauties !!

The weekends challenge......not to use a leaf or pumpkin as my image............not sure how well I will do :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

15th October

Lovely and sunny today although I again had to go on a hunt around the garden for something.
I liked this the best,I was eyeing it up yesterday when it was covered in frost.


A pinky red but still red.
Dead blossom buds of my spirea,glad I decided again hacking it back last weekend !I like the other colours in the background too.
Seems I'm now stuck in a landscape mode !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14th October

I'm posting now because I don't think I'll get anything else today.
It was beautiful and sunny(and cold) this morning but now it's back to being dull,again.
While waiting for Ol's school bus this morning I snapped a few frosty things.
Sorry it's another leaf.......


It's a little blurry,due to the low light levels and my inability to hold still long enough while my fingers were freezing !!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13th October

I had an appointment downtown this morning so I took my camera,just in case I saw something interesting for today's photo........I didn't.
Rain,rain and more rain.......again.
I thought I'd better not take another leaf photo so when I got home there was a break from the rain and I took this.......


A rain covered pumpkin.
The boys and I went and picked up a couple on Sunday from the little produce stall at the end of the road,that's there from June to October........keeping it local :)

I have of course broken my portrait only shots with this landscape one.
I just couldn't get what I wanted vertically !

Patti's was vibrant yellow today.

12th October

I spent a lot of the time over the past couple of days outside,clearing up the garden.I was tempted by my chilies,like Patti.
But since I spent so much time with leaves,mulching,bagging,blowing,raking,that's what I went with for the fourth day running..........


Our neighbour has a huge tree,that's just beginning to drop it's top leaves and some of them were massive,Oliver and I were trying to see who could find the biggest.
He won.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weekend

I was busy this past weekend and only now downloaded my pictures.....
Yesterday,Sunday we went for breakfast and then took a walk,I took lots of photo's but all my favourites weren't the right colours for this challenge !
So I've picked this one which said Fall to me......


Saturday,I went down to the piece of land that separates ours and our neighbours property and used a technique from our June challenges.
I tried to capture the leaves with the sun in front,not the effect I thought but since I only looked at the photo's now,Monday,not much I can do about it !!!


It's colourful if nothing else.

Friday, October 9, 2009

9th October

Thats all it's done all day.
So leaves it is....


Wet leaves :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

8th October

Out in my garden again today and determined not to take a leaf picture !
Came across these in the grass,I think they are a form of dandelion,we noramlly have them in the springtime.......


They are pretty whether a weed or not :)
(looks better bigger)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7th October

I took this one first thing this morning,since I knew I had a busy day ahead and wasn't sure I'd get the chance of anything later on.


It's yellow !
And something I see every morning :)

6th October

Here's yesterdays picture........


No hummingbirds left flying around but I still have some beebalm alive in my garden.....just !

Monday, October 5, 2009

5th October

Back out in my garden again.......


My lawn is slowly being covered with leaves although this year they are not very pretty to look at.

The Weekend

Here's my 2 photo's from the weekend.
As much as we have this little colour challenge running all month I still want my photo's to reflect what we've been up to if I can.
So Sunday we were in Ottawa for the day and so this is the fall foliage that beginning to turn under the Parliament buildings.........

Sorry about the boring sky it was just pale grey and not exactly photo worthy but I suppose it makes everything else seem a little more colourful.
Saturday was yet another wet and yucky day,I went out in the garden and found this.........


I think it just qualifies as orange,I love all the dead stuff as much as the living that's in my garden right now.

Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd October

A little better weather today but I've been out and about and didn't take my camera with me....because I forgot !
So I had to scout around the garden and liked the look of this with all the tiny hairs sticking out.......


We grew pumpkins this year in our front garden,more as decoration than anything else and I tried to take a picture of the one huge pumpkin we actually have growing but that didn't work.
It's still producing flowers,so I took a photo of that with the fallen red leaves too.

Patti went orange today........

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st October

What a dull and dreary day it has been.
Not very all.
I went with the most colourful thing I could see to brighten the day......


My Black Eyed Susan's are still going strong for the most part,although I love the dead ones lurking in the background too !

Seems Patti and I were on the same wave length today.

A photo a day

Wow been a while since I posted on here.

Well today's the first of October and Patti and I have decided to do another photo a day for the month.
We're aiming for a colour related challenge this month with all our photo's being yellow,orange,red or green or any of those combo's.Since October is so full of gorgeous colours.

No pressure though if a day doesn't work we'll take whatever we can.

Be back later with my first picture.