Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8th

I'm back on track (posted the previous days below this one) and thinking with a busy day ahead I'll go with this shot I took this morning after perusing my garden after my run,took a bunch of shots and then my warning battery low sign came on!

Patti's challenge today is:

"Looking down in the insect world.....any bug will do !"

Do bees count as bugs ? If not I have a ant shot too !
I'm not fond of them so they count in my book and I must say I got as close as I dared with this one but it was busy having a clean so I thought it would stay still for a while......

It looks better clicked bigger,you can see all his fluffy detail,I love his sticking out hairy leg !

You can see Julie's creepy crawly here and a hard working bee from Patti.


famille1999 said...

Isn't a bee an insect? =) Love the details that show up when you click on the picture.

You are all doing great with the challenge. You are making me want to play along next time! ;)

Julie said...

Wow! GROSS, but WOW! I'm amazed at how sharp you got this, my hands would have been shaking too badly for this. :)