Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22nd

The odds where against me yesterday,I knew with the itinerary of the day I was going to pushed but I took my camera everywhere with me just in case !

Julie's challenge was:

"Back lit/silhouette"

One she rescheduled due to poor weather conditions last week.I pretty much knew a evening silhouette would be out the question(check out Patti's here)knowing where the sunsets and the fact I was eating my way overdue dinner due to swim lessons and soccer practice last night!So my brief slot was in the afternoon when the sun peeks out from behind the trees in my backyard......

Anyway the point of back lighting is too capture more detail,I was aiming for the veins of the leaves,which you can't see as clear here(even when clicked bigger) as I can on my screen.....I'm not completely happy with this but I do like the shadows created by the other leaves.


JulieS said...

Ooooh, pretty, the leaves are almost see through. I have to look through my shots still, not sure if I succeeded on this one.

rocklady said...

gorgeous shot ruth, but of course your plant & flower shots are always wonderful!