Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15th

My challenge to Patti and Julie today was:

"A self portrait"

I told them they were allowed to change it to black and white if they wanted because,well sometimes we look better in black and white :)

I hate having my picture taken and I thought setting this challenge would be a good thing to try and do but it didn't work out like that!
I couldn't find the tripod,so that ruled out one thing I wanted to try.
My arms aren't long enough to hold it out in front of me !
Then we had a huge thunderstorm which meant it was dark as hell for a few hours.
So I ended up using the mirror and liked this one the best.I found it hard to actually get the focus on me and not the camera,with not using the view finder,so I ended up with plenty of blurry ones......

I much prefer being behind the camera so decided this was most fitting for my self portrait :)


JulieS said...

Tee hee... "sometimes we look better in black and white" - um, yeah, we were on the same wave length it seems. :)
You look adorable, your lucky you can pull back your bangs like that. It really suits you.

rocklady said...

oh, not fair, not fair, we only get to see half of your face, but a beautiful half of course! :)

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

You look like a little girl on this Ruth! Very cute. I like your hair away from your face too! :)