Friday, March 27, 2009

Favourite #8

On to August favourites.
Surprise surprise it's a flower picture !

This one.......

Well more of a weed than a flower ! I'm sure it's my favourite for the memory of the photo more than the image it's self,if than makes any sense.I took it on an early morning walk,everything was still covered in dew and it was so peaceful.
Of course there were other contenders this month too,mostly from the labour day weekend we spent with our friends at their cottage.

Like this one......

The baby snapping turtle we saw on our walk.Stuart picked him up and moved him out of harms way.Isn't he cute :)

I love this one too.Again it's more to do with the memory,the feel of it and the early evening light.

The end of a fun day of walks,tubing,swimming and then Ol and our friends son went down to the dock to fish.Just love it.

Back after the weekend with number 9......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favourite #7

July,I took over a 1000 shots in July.
Almost impossible to pick just one so I've posted 7 which is fitting since it's supposed to be favourite number 7 !!
If it was flowers it would be this one..........

or maybe this one.

Maybe this one because I love the orange of the lily in the background........

Could very easily have been either of these.........

I have an obsession with black eyed Susan's.
I don't know why because I don't really like yellow.
I think it's just the shape they produce.
I could click,click,click all fact I do.

If I had to pick a non flower one,it would be this one for sure.......

I don't care I cut his hand off.
It just screams summer fun to me.
Love those clouds in the sky too.

Talking of sky's,my favourite scenery shot this month.I literally yelled "Stop the car,stop the car" creating cries of "why,what"..........

That's what :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As I mentioned below,these dragonflies were also June photo's but I thought I'd give the lovelies a post of their own.I couldn't have picked out one anyway.I love them all.
These are joint efforts between myself and the hubby.Such easy subjects to photograph too, with a little patience and a zoom lens !

Love this one.....

and this one.........

this one too.........

but this one's my favourite..........

I think it's the flower :)

Back next with favourite(s) #7 !

Favourite #6

Number 6 brings us to June.
Again,so many to choose from,so many flowers !
My actual favourite was the father's day photo we try and take every year but I haven't picked that one for here.

Instead I have this one.....

The bud from my beautiful peonies that always seem to get trashed from the rain.
The first chance I get I cut a bunch and bring them in doors.
Another favourite,a plant that again always seems to take a beating from the rain,often so badly they don't even open.
This year they did.........

One more,not plant related but one of my favourites from the whole summer.
It's slightly blurry but I don't care,I love the angle and the drops of water and the evening light.....

While I was gathering all these I realised also that I have some dragonfly photo's that deserve a post of their own,so I'll try and come back later this week with those.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Favourite #5

So #5 means May 2008.

I love May and I took many,many photo's during the month.
Many of my favourite subject,flowers.
So it was hard to pick just one but I did and this is it........

This was a close second though.......

and this a close 3rd.....

My gardens very pink in May !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Favourite #4

Whoops sort of forgot about all my favourite.Oh well,here's favourite #4 ..........

My favourite photo from April last year.
Ol on his birthday,he actually wanted me to take this shot since I made him do it the year before !
Very proud he was of turning 6.
It's not really the photo I love so much as his expression.The I'm pretending not to look but I'm enjoying this really look !

OK Friday I'll be back with #5 from May.