Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th

So my challenge for today's photo was:


I had a few ideas,my scruffy trainers kicked off by the door,since they have become something I put on almost daily.Then there was the boys coming back from the mailbox since this is their daily routine after they get off the bus.Then while I was sitting here on the computer I spied the regular visitor to my deck........

Yep,here's chippie gathering his daily seeds.That's his routine,collecting the seeds or eating my petals,every single day ! His paws/hands are blurry because you should see the speed he whips off the tails of those things.

I had to sneak him into one of the challenges :)


JulieS said...

Oh chippie, always so great to see chippie! I'm always amazed at how sharp your photos are, since I can imagine you took this at full zoom. My zoomed shots are always blurry messes. :(

Ruth said...

Actually for this one he was very near the window so I was only about 100 on my 70/300 it was dark though and some of the shots weren't as clear due to slow shutter speed.

Maybe it's just Nikon over Canon......whoops did I just say that :) !!!!!

rocklady said...

lol ruth!!! :)
oh what a great routine nikon shot, would love to have little chippie showing up every day like that!!!

Mary-Ann said...

Chippie - pah! I wish you didn't live such an interesting life - it makes mine look very dull!