Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 29th

The end is getting near! Patti's last challenge was:


Well I had thought I might get something at the pool but we didn't go to swimming lessons due to the not so warm weather and the rain,which also meant no blue sky either.
Not to worry Oliver to the rescue.......

I walked into the living room to see a line up of blue cars(and a blue Pokemon?) along with a line of red ones,I'm surprised their were no Lego dudes in their either since Oliver and Lego are never far apart..............perfect !


JulieS said...

So cute and great shot! That would look so cool on the wall in his room - frame it woman!
Now, did Oliver do that on purpose because he knew you needed blue (if so, SWEEEEEET!), or was it a happy coincidence?

Ruth said...

I'm not sure if he knew I needed blue for the challenge,when I told him I was going to photograph it he did make sure they were lined up straight :)

rocklady said...

you have great boys, always helping out, great shot, love that he has so many blue cars too!