Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 13th

Wow,Julie gave us a real challenging one today !

" A picture with the subject in focus with a blurry background or a blurry subject and a focused background."

I was aiming on giving this a go this summer,the whole panning thing,at the lake,because I had read an article about it recently.I'm glad I got the chance to try it out here first because it takes patience and practice :)
I tried it an the baseball game this afternoon but had no luck.So tried again with the boys on their bikes,although it was getting a little dark.I had read it was best to have a fairly undistracting background so I thought out on the street would be the best idea.

There's certainly room for vast improvement but I'm fairly happy with my first attempt ........

I think I need to be a little further away and maybe the fact I'd already had a glass of wine didn't help with holding the camera still !!

Patti's moving water is here .


rocklady said...

good one ruth, you and julie did a great job on this hard challenge! :)

Ash said...

Great photo!!

JulieS said...

You did it! I'm glad you figured it out and now I'm sure you'll get all kinds of cool shots at the cottage.