Friday, July 3, 2009

One for Friday

Well technically 3..........(It should go bigger although doesn't look as good here on blogger.)

My neighbours Echinacea or cone flower,neither of us has ever had any luck growing these.She'd heard it was due to the pine trees we have growing near.Anyway she 's trying again and if hers comes back next year I may try again too because I think they are just beautiful.


JulieS said...

That is a stunning collage. Well, dipstick. ;)
Another one that would look fantastic framed - you could cover every inch of your house at this rate!

rocklady said...

i must agree, bigger is better and more beautiful and with all your gorgeous flower photos, isn't it about time a summer flower dons your header! ;) but i know you are short on time at the moment! :)