Monday, June 8, 2009

June 7th

Sunday and we were back to Julie's choice which was:


I'm thinking I'm going to be at the lake all that water,should be perfect.....the weather had other ideas.
We woke up to cloudy with rain and a choppy non reflective lake !Of course not enough rain to give puddles.
It briefly stopped and we took a walk up to the sand pit as we call it where there is always a pool of water and the boys try and catch frogs.......

I actually got a better reflection shot but I liked this one the best as it showed the boys more.

Seems it wasn't a great reflection day back in Quebec either although Julie caught a wonderful blossoming bush and Patti made use of her glass table.

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Julie said...

Love that you got the boys in yours, great angle.
My mother says that bush is a "spirea" by the by.