Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 30

One day left !!
I quickly went outside to see if there was anything worth taking out there.
There was some cool looking ice,mixed with snow on my fence but I couldn't get it to look right !
I settled for this instead,since I was determined to have an outdoor shot today,since it's been a while...

My battery life was flashing at me so I had to hope 1 of the 3 shots was any good.
Not sure it shows up so well here though.

With this months pictures it may seem as if I only have one son !
The eldest just doesn't seem as willing to participate !
Oliver has been saving for an iPod.
He's normally my spender,so this was hard for him.
Tempted as he was along the way to buy other stuff he hung in there.
With the money he got for Christmas he finally had enough.
So today we went and bought it...

He selected 121 songs from my library and is one very happy little boy.
He loves music.
I like his new iPod.
There's a cool little pedometer thing on there I may well have to try out come the spring ;)

That makes me up to date :)


rocklady said...

love your artsy photo of a dead plant ruth! ;)

and oliver you chose green, you do know that green is a lucky color eh!!! :)

famille1999 said...

Yup, great artsy shot of a dead plant missy! LOL :P Still, I love looking at those shots. :) Love that Oliver has been saving up his money to buy something that he wanted. I hope that he enjoys his new IPod. :)