Monday, December 21, 2009

Days 19 and 20

Challenges for the weekend again.
I set the challenge of reflection.
I took something similar last year.
I like catching reflections in the baubles...

I was torn between two but went with this one as you can see my whole dining room and I like the lights reflected around the edge.

Sunday Patti's challenge was ice.
Oliver spotted something the other morning but it wasn't as good yesterday.
Feeling a little lost I walked around the back and spotted this...

The snow has been melting off the roof and has fallen onto my plants,just in this one place.
I love that curled up leaf inside the ice.

My camera is off having the sensor cleaned (I'm too scared to do it myself !!) so I am having to make do with my trusty old point and shoot for a couple of days.

Only thing is.....
both sets of batteries were flat
and the card is playing up !

I will get something today :)


famille1999 said...

Love your pictures for the weekend. That leaf inside the ice is great. What a beautiful sight.

rocklady said...

fantastic shots ruth as usual, that frozen curly dead leaf is super.