Monday, December 14, 2009

Days 12 & 13

The weekend brought challenges.
Patti,challenged us to have a self portrait,complete with festive hat,since we are more often behind the camera than in front of it.
Strict instructions to me not to hide behind the camera it's self.

I can honestly say I would rather go to the dentist and have teeth filled then sit in front of a camera and feel that self conscious.
I hate it.
I set up the camera and gave Stuart instructions on what I sort of wanted.
My favourite one was spoiled by him catching too much light and over exposing the right hand side of my face !! And another I liked I thought Patti would chastise me because I had my eyes closed !!
So this is me,messy Saturday hair and slightly p*ssed off look...

Honestly Patti,that was torturous !!!!!!!

Nathalie's challenge for Sunday was multiples of the same subject.
Since yesterday was our annual tree hunt I went with Christmas trees...

It was so dark yesterday,and not long after this shot,the snow came down.


famille1999 said...

You look so cute Ruth on that picture!!! I hear you on the torture part *sigh* Love your Christmas tree shot. I'm happy that my challenge wasn't difficult for anyone. :)

rocklady said...

IF LOOKS COULD KILL!!! ;) i love your shot ruth even though i can read your mind (evil patti, evil patti!!!) ;) i actually was going to do a shot with my hat all the way down to my mouth, but elki changed that! ;)
and you had the perfect shot for nathalie's challenge on sunday too, did you get to chop one down this year? :)