Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3

What an utterly miserable,dark,depressing day........reminds me of winter in the UK !!!
The light was truly awful,even in my house which is usually very light.

I took this one of Oliver playing,since we had a rare night of no homework...

I changed it to black and white as the lighting was not good.
I actually preferred another I took from a different angle but it wasn't in focus and coupled with the high iso....not good.

I took this one as I got back from grocery shopping......

Another droplet but really what else was there today.
These bushes looked nicer yesterday with the frost !


rocklady said...

you are truly one heck of a photographer capturing these water droplets like that!

i went into my garden too and pulled a you, taking shots of dead things! ;) i took a shot of my dead liatris, but they were all wet and they looked much better yesterday when they were dry and bushy. they might have to make it for on of these days when my album photo is a duplicate of last year though!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

What a dreadful day we had. And I left when it was pitch black and came back to pitch black. :( Oh well... Love your pics for today Ruth. :)