Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 22

I got my camera back Monday night.
We paid for the 24 hour rush...Stuart took it lunch time and I got a call at 5 to say it was done....
So he picked it up on his way home.
No waiting until Wednesday when he was originally going to pick it up.
Happy me :)

That said I completely for got to take a photo yesterday until about 6 O'clock,so I went with the blurry tree lights effect like Patti did,back on day 10...

I couldn't get my whole tree in with my 50mm lens though !!!
Maybe today I'll take a proper tree picture since I don't have one yet.


rocklady said...

oh i really love this effect even though it's just 'out of focus' it's magical, lovely shot!

famille1999 said...

Yes, it makes for a really magical shot! Happy to hear that you weren't without your baby for too long! :)