Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Days 26 & 27

The weekend and 2 challenges.
Saturday was Nathalie's challenge of 'aftermath'
It wasn't until Nic and I had finished washing up all the stuff from the little party we had that I remembered the challenge.
Luckily these were on the side...

A collection of wine and beer bottles from the evening :)

Sunday was my challenge of 'Silver'
I had plans to take my Pandora bracelet but that didn't work out and then I couldn't find anywhere to lay out my new bracelet.
It wasn't until later when in desperation I took this one...

Not what I wanted but hey ho :)


rocklady said...

is that your bracelet, if so, cool, it's so original, nifty photo too! :)

famille1999 said...

Great idea for my challenge! Fun picture for yours. I love that you can see someone pouring in the background. :)