Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 17

Brrrrrrrrr :)
It's not officially winter but it sure felt like it today !!

I took this one while waiting with Oliver for the bus this morning...

The frost on the window of the tempo.
I liked how it looked with the early light.

And finally I managed to get a shot of the Blue Jay...

He's been sitting up against the window of our bedroom doors.
I think he can feel the heat as we've a baseboard heater right there,in front of the patio doors.


rocklady said...

oh poor blue, fantastic shot though! and omg, you will never guess what my challenge would have been on sunday, maybe it will be anyways since yours is my already header on my blog!!!

famille1999 said...

Wow, what a clear shot! I can't get within a couple of feet of either a bluejay or a cardinal around my place. *sigh* Love that frost picture too. Very artistic. :)