Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 29

4th post of the day...

So nearly up to date !
Yesterday we had a good old tidy up.
I made the boys do their rooms and help in the living room.
Ad went off to a friends for the afternoon.
I dragged Ol with me to Hawkesbury.
I had thought of taking the camera....I wish I had.
They had more ice on the trees than we did and it looked so pretty with the sun.
By the time we got back it was getting dark,so not much choice for photo's.
It was also incredibly cold,so no way I was going outside for a shot...

Since he'd been really good about being dragged wine and grocery shopping I let him have his DS time
He's been playing the same Pokemon game for ages.


rocklady said...

oh this is a great shot, another super lighting shot and he is so involved, bet he didn't even know you took it! :)

famille1999 said...

What an awesome shot. I love how the light reflection from the DS. And Patti is right, he probably never realized that you were taking a picture. LOL