Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 11

I'm behind on posting.
I'll be up to date by the end of today,in between decorating the tree.
Friday I didn't leave the house once and had no desire to go out and photograph anything.
So just an everyday photo for Friday...

This is a Christmas advent box,that my friend Susan illustrated a few years ago.
It's pretty cool,it folds in and out and there all these little bits to it.
It stays in Oliver's room on his shelf,as a box,all year round but at Christmas the boys like to bring it out and find the day,everyday.


famille1999 said...

I love how you can make an "ordinary" picture look special. The slight tilt makes all the difference. I have to remember those things. :) Can't wait to see your weekend pictures. Happy tree trimming.

rocklady said...

gee i almost missed this one, only when i re-read that it was your 3rd post today that i noticed it way down here! yup i agree with nathalie, you make them look really good! :)