Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 21

10 days left.

Well after getting a set of batteries charged
formatting the card....twice !

I managed to take a couple of pictures.
I could not get used to looking at the back panel instead of the view finder.
I know you can use it but I tried and it did not take what I thought it should :)
I was also extremely frustrated at how slow it took to focus when close up.

Went back to the icy plant from yesterday...

Not quite what I wanted to get but I like it..and considering I must of had about 3 focused ones out of 15 shots I'm not about to complain too much !!

Tried the macro again inside.
My friend Susan made me this snowman a few years ago and he always comes out for Christmas....somewhere.
This year he's back on the tree...

Not the sharpest focus but I hated it with the flash.


rocklady said...

wow, that plant certainly is locked into that ice isn't it, great shot and oh yes no flash, it's much better, it makes it warmer!

famille1999 said...

Well, you are doing great with that point & shoot! Love the look of that plant with its ice coating and that snowman is too cute. :)