Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24

Christmas Eve.
I didn't think I would get around to posting today but the boys are reading and Stuart is dozing so here I am !
Back to 2 for today.
Today I had lots to choose from.
We had 5 cardinals flitting around the garden this morning.
I managed this one...

Normally they land on the platform feeder,so I was surprised to see her on this.

The boys went outside to play,since it was quite warm out there.
They built a snowman.
Then Oliver got bored and started to throw snow...

I did get a couple of nice shots of the boys but I went with this one.
Those twiggy balls in the background look much nicer at night when they are lit up !!!


rocklady said...

oh, love the throwing snow one, a great capture photo and we haven't seen a cardinal around in awhile, she is perdy! :) heard the jay this morning but no spotting him, all we got were hungry doves and some sparrows which i took a few shots of, but i have an idea for my shot which involves a night shot, we'll see if it works, if not, you'll see some doves! ;)

famille1999 said...

Wow, I love that snow picture too! Great action shot! :) I don't have cute birds coming to feed these days.