Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th

The last day,the end of the photo a day for April.

I thought about trying to photograph something that represented the end but that's quite hard in a month where everything is just beginning !
Although these are about at their end..........

I had a nice front view too but thought this back view was more interesting.

Today I looked up what these are,as I've seen them flowering every year at the back of my garden,where we border with the neighbour.It's very shady and by water,they don't flower for long but they are very pretty little things.Anyway they are Yellow Trout Lilies,I also have another variety,which I noticed today,Beaked Trout Lilies,these are all yellow with no maroon parts.While lying there on the ground I also spied another flower that I realised was different and that turned out to be Wild Oats,sessile-leaf bellwort.......amazing what you can live with for 5 years and not really noticing until you lie amongst it all.

Back next week with some of the images I didn't use but liked :)

1 comment:

rocklady said...

june it is then! :)

interesting that the back is just as pretty, who knew! a lot of worts in your garden eh!!! it's funny i said i had never seen my little white/purple violets before, but maybe it was because i had not laid down in my spring garden either! ;)