Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 28th and 29th

Another 2 for one post !

OK,today's,the 29th,completely inspired by Patti's post from Monday to go and photograph the neighbours forsythia.............

These were tight buds the other day,amazing what a day of 30 degrees followed by a day of rain can do.

Tuesday,28th,dark and rainy day so had to up the ISO to get this,so not the best quality...........

Another find........I didn't know I had these ? I spied them Monday night in our 'left to it's own devises' corner ! We were deciding where to put the newly made composte bin and knew I'd be back the next day for pictures,unfortunately they were all down turned with all the rain.....and I got wet practically lying down to get the underneath image.

Can't believe tomorrows the last day of April.

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rocklady said...

simply beautiful shots ruth, love that you get down on your belly to take them, i don't get down quite that far, but i'm on my knees for a lot of my shots! ;)