Monday, April 27, 2009

April 25th and 26th

Better late than never,here's my photo's from the weekend colour challenge.

Sunday,26th,my something green challenge.Well there's lots and lots of things green out there right now and it's such a great sight,not sure if this was my best one but I have a soft spot for ferns so when I saw this I knew this was the one.......

It was the only one that was through so far ! Patti's is here .

Saturday,25th, was Patti's challenge of something red.It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday and bright and early I heard the cardinals out and about,so sat poised but it was a no show ! They did flit in but not good enough for a shot.So I went with this.......... (looks better bigger)

I have been admiring this tree on my way out of my road all's just so lovely and red and with the bright blue sky on Saturday I thought it was perfect. Patti's is here


rocklady said...

is this the same tree that you have taken before as it sprung to life? i think it's stalled if it is, b/c the neighbor's tree was not as far along as yours and by saturday it had surpassed it, it's a beautiful shot btw!

rocklady said...

oops, forgot that both photos were in the same post! ;) my ferns have not shown any life yet. i'm always amazed that not everything comes at the same time.

Ruth said...

No,it's a different tree,one at a house up the road,this week it sprung to life with all these gorgeous red buds,it's maple but it's different to my neighbours.