Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7th and 8th

I should also point out that I'm doing this challenge this month with my friend Patti ,here photo's are here.

Well here's today's and yesterdays photo's.

I hope I don't regret picking this one when it's only 8.15 am.........

This is the same bush as Saturday's photo only with snow not rain.Thought I'd get out there and take it before it melts,since I'm being optimistic for once and hoping all the nasty white stuff will be gone before tonight.

Yesterdays photo,April 7th........

If I stand on my property border in the back this is what I can see.Looks like I live in the middle of nowhere but we're just lucky in the fact the people behind own two plots and the second one is their garden.


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Gorgeous pictures Ruth even if I'm not liking the fact that there is some snow on your fist one! Grrr! LOL

I had been meaning to play along with you guys this month but I didn't make it past April 2nd. LOL

rocklady said...

don't regret it ruth, love the snow on there and what a nice view from your backyard, such a country feeling to it, super photos!