Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24th

This has shot up over the last couple of days.Along with the forget-me-nots it's one of the first things to flower in my garden...........

Lungwort ,Patti took a shot of it too back on the 14th. On the bigger version you can see all the little hairs,which are quite itchy,hopefully not long before it looks like this .

This weekends challenges between Patti and I are something Red for Saturday (hers) and Green for Sunday(mine)


rocklady said...

i can't believe yours have not flowered yet, mine are up about 6 inches and blooming like crazy! love your shot, can you believe we both took the same plant on the same day again great minds eh!!! ;)

rocklady said...

hey if you want i'll bring you a multi-color one next week, let me know!