Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th

I shouldn't complain but it's a hot one out there today,once it hits 24 degrees that's me done for ! I don't like extremes,too cold or too hot,which is why Spring and Fall are normally my favourite seasons.

So as I wondered around today I spied this...........

Three years ago I planted some Violas in the Fall and left them thinking they either would or wouldn't return.They did and also did a good job of seeding themselves around the garden so I have these little beauties scattered around.This one is in my path under my arch and is only a little bigger than my pretty.

Anyway all this heat is doing wonders for the garden, I just had to post what's happened in just 24 hours with a touch of rain and a blast of warmth.......

This is yesterdays curled up fern !

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rocklady said...

wow, those ferns are in a hurry i'd say and love the little pansy! it's funny because i took some shots of a narcissus that was a bud when i started washing the cars after lunch, was a bit open when i finished and when we got back from supper it was open all in a matter of hours, it's so cool to see that!