Monday, April 13, 2009

April 11th and 12th

I'm catching up with the weekends shots.
Patti challenged me to use the tempo(since we were both taking them down this weekend)as the idea for Saturday so I suggested eggs as the theme for Sunday.

This was yesterdays,April 12th.....

The last egg to be found on a very chill early Easter morning.Seems this one didn't stand out as much as the pinks,yellows and blues against the brown of the garden right now.

This one was Saturday's,April 11th....

We'd taken the cover off and half the poles down before I remembered I needed to take a shot.So glad this ugly eyesore is down !

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Anonymous said...

ok, i looked at both your blogs before i made my comment on 'a little dotty' about your egg photo, my excuse is it's monday! again, i love your shot! :)