Monday, April 6, 2009

April 3rd,4th and 5th

I'm playing catch up !

It wasn't raining yesterday,April 5th but it was cold and the only time I went outside was to find something to photograph.Decided on this,raindrops on one of the fir trees.

The raindrops were sparkling but I don't think it shows up here too well.

Saturday's shot,April 4th,well I had lots of chippie but decided it couldn't be the chippie show,so went with this one......

Another raindrop photo,just love them,sorry ! These are the bushes(Spiraea) outside the front of my house,taken early in the morning. I don't think you'll see it here,since I reduced the image but when I uploaded this I realised I'd also caught a spiderwebs glistening with rain too. Ok,if you click on it you can just see it !

Finally,Friday April the 3rd......I took a few photo's that day but it was rainy and dark and I wasn't happy with any of them so the best of a bad bunch was this slightly blurry Chippie,with protruding cheek.........

It's dark and dreary again today,who knows what I'll find to take...........where's chippie :)

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rocklady said...

i'll never tire of seeing chippie photos! :)