Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17th

Back to my garden today as plants are finally beginning to grow.

Here's one of many sedum's I have.I have no idea what it's full name is as I inherited it with the house all I know is I've managed to make at least 4 more plants from this original one ! Usual comment about it looking better bigger applies again !

This has doubled in size over the past couple of days.
Soon it will be big and bushy and then no doubt we'll have rain and it will colapse and look a mess as I haven't found a good way of securing these without them looking wierd !
At the beginning of the week I decided I should try using my kit lens more and managed 4 out of 5 this week (the 15th was my 70-300).Ever since I got my 50m I've neglected the kit lens except for scenic shots and I shouldn't because it's really not bad for close ups.

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patti said...

wow, they are way more advanced comspared to mine, i just noticed mine poking through when i was washing the basement window! mine must be a different variety b/c they stand up very well. as a matter of fact i just cut down last year's last weekend! i leave them for the birds!