Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend

I was a way for some of the weekend.
I came home yesterday morning and had a bit of a lazy day.I thought about my photo and then forgot so sorry.......


It's yet another garden leaf photo !
I like all the colours in the background.

Saturday was dark and rainy and not the sort of day to pop out for a walk so since Patti and I were together we both stepped just outside Julie's front door and snapped away.I actually liked a shot of some yellow 'mum's in a pot I took but that would have made 3 yellow pictures in row ! So........


I went with the red maple since it took me forever to get the camera to focus on that one tiny raindrop (as usual it doesn't look as good shrunk down on blogger).It was Patti's choice too, I love hers she captured more drops.For mine I was going for colour.

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rocklady said...

so that was why you were click, click, clicking away even after i went inside. ;) i was more focused on the leaf itself rather than the droplets, that's why i have so many of them but are not as sharp as yours which is a fantastic shot! and yesterday's is just full of color and i try and space my colors too! :)