Monday, October 26, 2009

26th October

I was lazy today,I had no intention of leaving the house......I did though.
Although only a few paces out of my backdoor to get this......


No,he's not brown,he's definitely orange !!!
I can't not have a chippie shot for my photo a day challenge.
I can get quite close if I move slowly.
His sightings are getting few and far between.I hadn't seen him for a few days but today he was out stuffing leaves into his cheeks.
5 days left !


rocklady said...

leaves into his mouth??? he's so cute and i love the way you cropped this, and for sure chippie had to get into this challenge!

Ruth said...

Yes,I saw him chewing up leaves and stuffing them in...I suppose he needs a cosy nest for the winter !!

I didn't crop it at all,this is how close I got :)