Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend

Here's my 2 photo's from the weekend.
As much as we have this little colour challenge running all month I still want my photo's to reflect what we've been up to if I can.
So Sunday we were in Ottawa for the day and so this is the fall foliage that beginning to turn under the Parliament buildings.........

Sorry about the boring sky it was just pale grey and not exactly photo worthy but I suppose it makes everything else seem a little more colourful.
Saturday was yet another wet and yucky day,I went out in the garden and found this.........


I think it just qualifies as orange,I love all the dead stuff as much as the living that's in my garden right now.

1 comment:

rocklady said...

love the dead b.e.s, do you keep them for the birds in winter?

and that foliage shot is beautiful, white sky or not! most of my cruise photos are like that b/c even though it was hot as hell, there was little or no sun most days!