Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend

We were away this weekend at Stuarts brothers new house they have just bought in Ontario.
I took many,many photo's on Saturday and had trouble picking just one but barely anything Sunday.
Mainly because we were busy helping and then I did run to get my camera as the kids were all playing in the leaves but by the time I came out they'd headed into the woods,typical !!
Then we spent the rest of the day in the car and by the time I had unpacked and started dinner it was too dark to take anything else so this is Sundays shot,one of 7 I took and the only one that fitted the colour challenge......


Most of the trees there were yellow and with the sun and blue sky,it looked amazing.This isn't as nice as the one I took Saturday of another tree,on the other side of the property but,hey !!

Here's Saturday's.....


It was cold Saturday morning but Stuart and I went on a little walk while everyone else was still sleeping !!
Then I went back and grabbed my camera and headed back out to catch a few pictures with the early morning light.
Lots of moss covered rocks and trees,that I could have spent hours looking at but my hands were freezing so I headed back for coffee !!


rocklady said...

very interesting moss, you could've just uploaded the sunset as an extra, i wouldn't have minded!

rocklady said...

oh crap, i forgot you upload your weekend shots together, forgot to comment on that beautiful big yellow tree! ;)