Friday, March 27, 2009

Favourite #8

On to August favourites.
Surprise surprise it's a flower picture !

This one.......

Well more of a weed than a flower ! I'm sure it's my favourite for the memory of the photo more than the image it's self,if than makes any sense.I took it on an early morning walk,everything was still covered in dew and it was so peaceful.
Of course there were other contenders this month too,mostly from the labour day weekend we spent with our friends at their cottage.

Like this one......

The baby snapping turtle we saw on our walk.Stuart picked him up and moved him out of harms way.Isn't he cute :)

I love this one too.Again it's more to do with the memory,the feel of it and the early evening light.

The end of a fun day of walks,tubing,swimming and then Ol and our friends son went down to the dock to fish.Just love it.

Back after the weekend with number 9......

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Anonymous said...

love the weed and that turtle is adorable, great morning shot too!