Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favourite #7

July,I took over a 1000 shots in July.
Almost impossible to pick just one so I've posted 7 which is fitting since it's supposed to be favourite number 7 !!
If it was flowers it would be this one..........

or maybe this one.

Maybe this one because I love the orange of the lily in the background........

Could very easily have been either of these.........

I have an obsession with black eyed Susan's.
I don't know why because I don't really like yellow.
I think it's just the shape they produce.
I could click,click,click all summer.........in fact I do.

If I had to pick a non flower one,it would be this one for sure.......

I don't care I cut his hand off.
It just screams summer fun to me.
Love those clouds in the sky too.

Talking of sky's,my favourite scenery shot this month.I literally yelled "Stop the car,stop the car" creating cries of "why,what"..........

That's what :)

1 comment:

patti said...

i can see why you would have a hard time picking just one! i used to take a lot of my pics on an angle like that, way back when but can't remember why i don't any more. i have done exactly the same thing, stop the car, turn around we need to go get the camera!!! luckily we were just a u-turn away and i did get my shot but it did't turn out quite as nice as yours b/c of the time lapse, i must say!!!