Friday, February 20, 2009

Favourite #3

Here's my favourite from March last year.

I took at 7.30 in the morning just after the snow plow had pasted,we'd had a huge dumping of snow and were about to get another one.I liked how the light looks at that time of the morning and how the snow was blowing at the end of the street,so that you couldn't see to the end.

I turned around to face the other direction and got this......

Snow blowing like crazy across the road,I decided this was the time to get back in doors !! I do love the little touch of orange from the dead leaves in the bottom left hand side.

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rocklady said...

it must be so nice to live in the country to get photos like that! what a coincidence, i took a shot each way on our street just before we came down here, but it certainly didn't look like that. glad we are seeing sand istead of snow though! :)