Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Omega Park

Just thought I'd put my favourite pictures from our visit to Omega Park here.

Going in Winter is fun,the summer is so busy that yes you see things but the animals are hungrier in winter so they know cars mean food.......

The wild boar are funny....and smelly !

You aren't supposed to get out the car and strictly I didn't,I opened the door and stood on the door sill without my feet touching the ground !! There were no other cars around so I wasn't holding anyone up.I just wanted to get a shot without the fence in view and anyway we brought them hot dogs which they much preferred to carrots !

I've posted that one as my photo a day for December 26th but I'm showing it again as it's my blog and I can do what I like and it's my favourite of the day!

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patti said...

oh so glad you put more photos up, i kept checking and was disappointed every time. ;) i must find out where this park is, looks like a nice place to take some great shots (like yours) of the wild animals!