Tuesday, December 30, 2008

24th to the 29th December

Big post with catch up photo's ! I missed one day,Sunday the 28th,I could have cheated but I haven't !

So starting with the 24th December....

Christmas Eve morning above and we had snow during the night so it all looked lovely and Christmasy outside,I decided on this one as further proof that I neglected my garden this fall......poor sweet peas ! Below is the 25th,Christmas day and I wasn't feeling 100% and I always like to just enjoy the day so I probably took 10 photo's all day all of them early in the morning !

Above is the 26th,Boxing day.We woke up and decided we'd go for breakfast and then off to Omega park since it's been a few years since we went in the winter.It was great,hardly anyone there and this is one of my favourite of all 350 odd pictures I took !!Below is the 27th December,and I hadn't taken any photo's all day so it resulted in my chopped up mushrooms.

As I said no photo for the 28th but I had a great day so that's all that matters so below is yesterday's,29th December.Again not a particularly inspiring day and it was dark but I like this one even though it's not totally in focus.

2 days left.

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rocklady said...

great shots ruth, love the garden shot & the moose/reindeer (don't know which) and you did take photos on sunday, but it was with julie's camera so you didn't miss a day!